1989年2月 草创罗溪鞋革纺织厂开端手工制鞋,并到山东泰安开设专柜卖出第一双鞋。
1993年 日泰集团前身——永嘉县金泰利鞋服有限公司建立。
1993年 日泰商标申请注册。
1995年7月 日泰商标注册胜利,开端走上自立品牌开展之路。
1996年 永嘉县金泰利鞋服有限公司变动为浙江金泰利鞋业有限公司。
1999年 浙江金泰利鞋业有限公司变动为浙江日泰鞋业有限公司。
1999年11月 建立日泰鞋艺术研究中心,作为时髦财产,日泰对鞋与艺术的热忱与固执从未降温。
2000年8月 日泰公司正式运转ISO9002质量体系,不断完善工艺,提高运转程度。
2001年 浙江日泰鞋业有限公司变动为日泰鞋业有限公司,成为无地区型企业。
2002年10月 日泰鞋业与国外皮革和制鞋产业研究院强强联合,组建制鞋行业企业科研中心
2003年春 日泰鞋业与国外皮革和制鞋产业研究院强强联合负担“国外人群脚型纪律”研讨。
2003年 日泰集团推出子品牌“千里马”,开端多品牌运作市场。
2003年6月 国际巨星任达华加盟日泰,持续三次签约,担当日泰品牌形象大使,日泰品牌建立的程序愈加强健。
2003年7月 日泰工业园完工投入使用硬件设备的提拔完美为日泰鞋业的飞速开展起到宏大的助推感化。
2006年 日泰鞋业有限公司变动为日泰集团有限公司,企业发展计谋进入一个极新的阶段。
2006年11月 日泰集团荣获“国外皮革和制鞋行业树模企业”称呼
2008年 日泰集团荣膺“永嘉县生机调和企业”。

2009年 日泰集团有限公司建立二十周年。







In Feb. 1989, handmade footwear in initially Luoxi Shoes & Leather Textile Factory, and sold its first shoes in

department store in Taian, Shandong.

In 1993, the former of RITAI Group, Yongjia County Jintaili Shoes & Clothes Co., Ltd. Founded.

In 1993, RITAI trademark registration applied.

In July 1995, RITAI trademark registered successfully, and began its development road of self-owned brand.

In 1996, JINTAILI changed into Zhejiang Jintaili Co., Ltd.

In 1999, Zhejiang JINTAILI became Zhejiang RITAI Shoes Co., Ltd.

In Nov 1999, established RITAI Shoes Art Research Center, as a fashion industry, never ceased its passionate

and persistence in shoes and arts.

In AUG 2000, normally operated ISO9002 Quality System to make continuous improvement on

its process and increase its operational levels.

In 2001, Zhejiang RITAI changed into RITAI Shoes Co., Ltd., a non-regional enterprise.

In OCT 2002, it cooperated with China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute to set up a national first

enterprise R&D center in footwear industry, i.e., RITAI Footwear R&D Center, constantly focuses on and invest

the technology of shoes.

In Spring 2003, cooperated with China Leather and Footwear Industry Research Institute to undertake a study

relating to Chinese Foot Type Pattern.

In 2003, promoted its sub-brand Qianlima (swift horse in English), began its multi-brand operation.

In JUN 2003, Simon Yam, an international star, joined RITAI, signed for successive three times and appointed as

image ambassador, made its brand construction more stable.

In JUL 2003, RITAI TECH Industry Park completed and put into use, which assists greatly the rapid development of

RITAI shoes.

In AUG 2005, RITAI in both Chinese and English rated as Well-known Trademark.

In 2006, RITAI Shoes Co., Ltd. changed into RITAI Group Co., Ltd., which indicates its development strategy enters

into a brand-new phase.

In 2006, awarded as China Genuine Leather Famous Shoes.

In NOV 2006, awarded as SCI-Tech Demonstration Enterprise in China Leather & Footwear Industry and China

Outstanding Private Enterprise of Independent Innovation.

In 2007, awarded as Zhejiang Well-known Firm.

In 2008, awarded as Yongjia Energetic & Harmonious Enterprise.

In 2009, Being operated for 20 years.